The Options for Live-in Caretakers for Children in NY and LA

Before parents in New York and LA consider hiring a nanny to care for their children while they are out of the house, they need to consider exactly what type of care they want for their children. If they need someone to live-in their household to care for their children, they have the option of hiring an au pair, a nanny, or a governess. While their primary responsibility is to care for children, each position has other responsibilities as well that might be unique to that position or family. To better determine what type of help is needed, it is important to know the difference between each type of caregiver.

The first place to begin a search for a child’s caregiver may be a Domestic Staffing Agency in Palm Beach, Los Angeles, and New York City. When interviewing them, the agency can help you determine what type of caregiver is best for a family. If a family wants a live-in caregiver, but cannot afford to pay a regular salary, they can choose to hire an au pair. An au pair is generally a young woman in the United States to go to school and they work in exchange for room and board. An au pair would be best suited for a home in which the children are older and in school as the au pair needs time to attend school too.


A family with newborn or pre-school aged children may need a hire a great estate manager in NYC. Nannies are generally on-call 24 hours a day if there is a newborn in the household. For new parents, having someone experienced within reach can be comforting if they have never dealt with a newborn before. For such a tiny child, a newborn can wreak havoc on a household, leaving parents fatigued for lack of sleep. However, a live-in nanny can help reduce some of the stress that comes along with having a newborn.

A Nanny Palm Beach, or a Nanny Los Angeles, is usually expected to cook and feed the children, clean their rooms and do their laundry too. Their responsibility is to the children, although they are not maids, the employment agreement may outline household chores that have to be done. Finally, another live-in caretaker option is a Governess. A Governess is responsible for all aspects of a child’s life, which may include planning birthday parties, weekend outings, cleaning and cooking. For very busy parents, Governesses can be a lifesaver.


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